For the uninitiated, TERRO's products all feature a sweet clear syrup laced with Borax that ants drink up and transport to their colony to share with the rest of the gang. They leave a pheromone trail in their wake to lead more ants to the party and long story short they die.

I don't see TERRO as a manufacturer of Liquid Ant Killer, rather, they make a beverage that ants drink in excess, and anything in excess will kill you––like Borax.
Because TERRO is a poisonous beverage (like alcohol) TERRO Liquid Ant Killer's new bottle is designed to reflect that.
New packaging on TERRO Liquid Ant Killer replaces the classic "PLACE TERRO HERE" tabs with more conventional places ants would come together for a drink.
With six tabs per package, the number of variations is limitless.
For TERRO Liquid Ant Baits, the old packaging is replaced with more ant-friendly hangouts.
You know, places ants would go.
On Instagram, TERRO would give us a glimpse into some of the final thoughts going through those little ant heads.