While freelancing for VMLY&R Chicago my copywriter and I were tasked with helping revitalize SVEDKA Vodka's social media presence on both Twitter and Instagram.

To do this, we tapped into the brand's friendly party-starter mentality where all are welcome and bold personalities are the norm. We used this voice to introduced original content series' to Instagram stories, give the feed a facelift, and start engaging late night "doom scrollers" with late night content on both Instagram and Twitter.

In the end we were able to more than double SVEDKA's twitter followers and increase engagement overall across both platforms.
To increase the appeal of SVEDKA's existing cocktail recipe series, we ditched their old video format and created a new look that utilized Instagram carousels. This prevented would-be cocktail makers from having to rewatch videos for missed directions and allowed the recipes to easily be screenshot or shared with friends.
We also created a new content series called Pregame the Weekend that provided followers with a series of shareable party-starter suggestions each week to help get the good times goin'. Each image featured a different color scheme based around one of SVEDKA's popular fusion flavor vodkas.
This also provided SVEDKA with the opportunity to showcase some of their newer products like ready-to-drink vodka soda cans.
To generate new UGC for the brand, we created relevant posts for current events encouraging followers to share their fierce looks, fun moments, and of course, SVEDKA.
Our most successful addition to the SVEDKA social media lineup was the addition of Late Night with SVEDKA. Here, we provided users with additional engagement through polls, quizzes, sliders, stories, and other content that spoke directly to a late night audience.
We also added some of our more successful late night tweets to SVEDKA's Instagram feed to raise greater awareness to the brand's Twitter account.
Copywriter: Mitch Hanson