People like avoiding stuff. Sunflower seeds help that.

When my roommate approached me with the line "A Welcome Distraction," I immediately thought of all the possibilities.

Being without access to stock image sites and pressed on time, I came up with the idea of creating whimsical, detailed illustrations and a cell animated spot that compliments the playful nature of sunflower seeds while also allowing us to run wild with ideas.
For those without seeds, or places where the man won't let you, we came up with a website that allows users to digitally spit seeds and stay distracted on all devices.
Those fortunate enough to have seeds can use the site to find printable activity sheets and the essential David Sunflower Seeds Conference Call Spitoon.
Behind the Scenes
I did a day-long Disney animation camp when I was 12, suffice to say this was a breeze. The entire spot consists of a total of 270 hand-drawn cells running at 10 frames per second to get the "jumpy" look.

Click the image to see more behind the scenes.